LIMS Project Academy 


LIMS Project Academy is founded by Louis Uunk, managing director and senior consultant of LUFC LabConsultants (LUFC). LUFC  started 15 years ago as a vendor-independent LIMS and laboratory specialist. LUFC LabConsultants successfully completed more than 60 projects and grew towards vendor-independent LIMS selection support & coaching market-leader in the Benelux. 

LIMS Project Academy is the coaching/community branch of LUFC LabConsultants, providing knowledge and information through "online" vendor-independent project support using LIMS selection and implementation coaching and a closed & save member community for laboratory-customers running LIMS selection & implementation projects. LIMS Project Academy's dedicated professional online coaching and community platform allows knowledge & experience exchange globally enabling more LIMS projects to be guided and supported towards success.

LIMS Project Academy helps to close the knowledge and experience gap between customers/laboratories and software vendors. LIMS Project Academy services are accessible world-wide and delivered in a budget-friendly manner.

LIMS Project Academy wants to stimulate customers to become more self-reliant and achieve a knowledge level to make decisions more based on facts and less on vendors sales and marketing skills.

LIMS Academy Background

Meet Louis Uunk

LIMS Project Academy Founder


Louis studied Chemical Technology at the Technical University Twente in the Netherlands. After his studies he landed in Eindhoven with Philips Research and studied various analytical laboratory techniques for many years. After working,  in various positions, for a few laboratory instrument vendors. Louis switched to laboratory informatics in 2000 and became an expert in software solutions like LIMS, ELN, SDMS and CDS. He performed in several roles like support, (pre-)sales and project management.

In 2009 Louis founded LUFC LabConsultants, a vendor-neutral network company with highly experienced laboratory & laboratory informatics experts. Louis mainly focussed on laboratory informatics (LIMS, ELN, SDMS) selection projects and coached/supported many customers towards the  software/vendor solution best fitting their requirements.

Based on more than 60 successful projects, Louis gained valuable insights on the strengths and weaknesses of many LIMS software solutions and not in the least of the different vendors service capabilities.
It became more and more clear which factors are most important to successfully select and implement the best solution for every laboratory in almost any market sector.

LIMS Academy Founder, Louis Uunk

Why LIMS Project Academy? 


During the Corona pandemic, we were able to quickly adapt and switch to doing projects "remote/online" without losing quality and gaining efficiency and cost savings for customers. After the pandemic, our projects in the Benelux  are done in "hybrid" mode. Onsite when necessary and remote when possible.

This let us to the conviction that we can serve more customers in more regions throughout the globe through also offering online coaching and online community services. Hence the birth of the LIMS Project Academy as the online coaching/community branch of LUFC LabConsultants.

The value of an independent/vendor-neutral expert has been endorsed by our customers that went through a LIMS selection project with us. Unfortunately there are not many completely independent/vendor-neutral LIMS experts around the globe with proven experience.

A number of LIMS vendors seem to have noticed this as well and have started to offer/promote their own vendor-controlled "independent" consultants to guide customers through the LIMS selection procedure and even gather your (their?) selection (user?) requirements. Almost every vendor nowadays has a vendor selection guide for their customers to follow to make sure the vendor stays in control.
In light of the scarcity mentioned above too many laboratories tend to fall for this marketing message and eventually could end up with very little choices and potential unsatisfactory project results.

LIMS Project Academy provides central access to real vendor-independent resources through its new online community and coaching platform. LIMS Academy’s goal is to give back control to the customers by educating & coaching laboratories around the world to become highly self-reliant during the selection of a suitable "LIMS" software/vendor solution, without having to surrender to "biased" vendors expert guidance.