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LIMS Project Recommendations





In this part, I will review slide 9 of my LabAutomation 2024 presentation.

PART 5 can be found through the following link: 




Slide 9: Project recommendations for the customer (laboratory)





1)  A LIMS selection (and implementation) project is a complex undertaking with lots of challenges and potential pitfalls. Laboratory project members mostly do not have the necessary experience and can get overwhelmed easily. Too often, project members do not seek help/guidance in an early stage of the project and when they do, look for it in the wrong place. This can cause all kinds of project issues that can endanger the entire project and often lead to very expensive project failures. You can prevent this by involving an experienced independent LIMS project expert-coach. This does not have to be expensive when you take the right approach.


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2) Vendor marketing & sales can provide unwanted distractions early in the project causing your project team to take the "short way home" and skipping essential steps to be able to take the right decisions throughout the project, not in the least your "learning-curve" towards closing the knowledge-gap and to become self-reliant.


3) Don't forget to set yourself up for success through proper project preparation. Make sure you are prepared (knowledge & resources) for every step of the "Road to Success". It will take time, I know, however a lot less time than when you struggle or even fail during the implementation phase.


4) Follow the "Road to Success"(PART 2), it is a proven methodology applied in 60+ successful projects. Suppress your urge to want to first contact vendors and ask for demo's. The order of all 10 steps is essential, don't take shortcuts unless your independent consultant/coach deems it not to impact project quality in your case.


5) The customer needs to always stay in control of the project. You will need to take the decisions and are largely impacted by the quality of these decisions, good or bad. The project is only successful after the implementation is completed, fulfilling your requirements (URS). Please put safeguards in place to ensure continued cooperation between vendor and laboratory during the implementation.


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