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*Laboratory Informatics (LIMS) = LIMS/LIS/ELN/SDMS/LES/QMS etc

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  • LIMS Academy community is priced at Euro 300 (excl. BTW/VAT) per person/member per year, paid upfront.
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LIMS Academy Community rules:


  • This community is currently only open to you in case you are employed by a company that has one or more laboratories that are currently (or in the "near" future) in the process of selecting or implementing a laboratory informatics (LIMS, LIS, ELN, LES, SDMS, QMS etc.) software solution.
  • Software vendors and service providers are not admitted as members. LIMS Academy may in the future provide opportunities for these groups to participate to the community as information providers. Software vendors and service providers are encourage to subscribe to LIMS Academy's  mailing list to stay informed.
  • LIMS Academy community members are encouraged to engage in the community and help each other where possible. This is by far the best way to learn and get your money's worth. Only pulling information without giving back is counterproductive for the long term value of the community.
  • LIMS Academy community members need to respect other community members. Disrespectful behaviour may lead to exclusion without warning & without refund.

Benefits of joining LIMS Academy Community!

Worldwide LIMS Selection & Implementation Community


  • Dedicated online community platform, accessible via web-browser and mobile App.
  • A safe online community without unwanted marketing & commercial distractions from vendors. Vendors and affiliated service providers are not allowed to join the community.
  • Learning through guided interactive group challenges.
  • A central worldwide community for active communication, ask questions, share individual challenges and needs. 

Access to Independent LIMS Academy Experts 


  • LIMS Academy's proven LIMS selection methodology and market knowledge & -experience.
  • Regular online live Q&A with LIMS Academy Founder and potential LIMS expert quests.
  • Learn from LIMS Academy selection and implementation expert insights gained through 35+ years experience and 60+ projects in all kinds of market sectors.

24/7 Access
Guidance - Support - Solutions - Advice


  • Interact online with other members facing the same challenges. Ask questions and share experiences.
  • Separate community subgroups per LIMS software brand for sharing and solving implementation challenges with other members implementing the same LIMS.
  • Interact with other community members and LIMS Academy experts to improve selection and implementation methodology.

Controlled Vendor Interaction

  • Impactful communication  between a large independent worldwide customer/user community and individual LIMS vendors to improve the usability of their products and services.
  • Vendors can be invited to make substantive (non-commercial/marketing) contributions only upon request and after approval by community members and LIMS Academy founder. Vendors will never get access to personal/project information to assure community safety and independence.
  • Vendors may be asked by the community to provide information, however will not be active community members to ensure a controlled commercial/marketing free environment.

Jan van der Kooi

"Louis's guidance during the entire process has been excellent. His extended market knowledge proved to be very valuable. With Louis's help WLN succeeded in making an informed decision for its new LIMS solution".

Ronald Italiaander

"Louis has provided tremendous value during the selection of our LIMS/ELN. His experience and knowledge in the laboratory information management area have been very valuable during our process towards identifying our LIMS/ELN requirements . Louis also guided and supported us during the vendor selection process".

Remco Bitter

"Louis helped us in a very professional manner through all the important stages. He helped us define our needs and wishes, together we created a short list of suppliers based on our input, gathered all the relevant information from the suppliers. Due to his extensive knowledge, we could make a profound decision about this vital peace of software. We are still getting compliments from within the organisation on how good this selection has been done!'

Jan Peter Heutink

"Louis used a thorough project approach to identify BaseClear's process improvement potential. With LUFC's knowledge and experience, "To- be" processes were drafted which in turn were translated into a detailed URS.   We were able to select a new LIMS that meets our requirements, thanks to LUFC's  well defined and thorough selection approach. 
Louis's support, advice and project methology have been very valuable during all steps of our LIMS selection. Communication and cooperation with Louis were very pleasant and constructive. I highly recommend Louis's support and advice during a LIMS selection".

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