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*Laboratory Informatics (LIMS) = LIMS/LIS/ELN/SDMS/LES/QMS etc

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  • We will contact you to schedule an online intake session to determine your exact coaching needs.
  • During the intake session we will discuss your coaching/training/support needs and define a suitable tailored coaching package. LIMS Academy will translate that into an offer.
  • After you accept the offer and your payment is received, we will schedule the first coaching/training sessions.


This is what you will get from the coaching:


  • Regular online LIMS implementation coaching sessions throughout the entire implementation project.
  • Review of project starting point (f.i. URS, scope, "blue-print", GAP analyses, project plan etc.)
  • Regular coaching sessions with project team.
  • Periodical (coaching) sessions with Steering Group.
  • Use our knowledge & experience of common practices and what (not) to do (avoid pitfalls & common mistakes). 
  • Use LIMS Academy as a sparring partner to bounce of potential solutions and ideas.
  • Access to Lab Informatics implementation experts.
  • Free Access to the LIMS Academy community (Implementation Group),  1 year for one person.
  • Any other coaching needs that you might have.

Benefits of choosing LIMS Academy Coaching!

Proven LIMS Project Approach


LIMS Academy is part of LUFC LabConsultants with a track-record of more than 60 successful LIMS selections in almost every market sector. The coaching program is based on the knowledge and experience that we gained from running successful LIMS selections since 2010. We have seen a direct positive effect from our selection methodology on the duration and end result of the implementation. Not only do you get all the tools to efficiently and quickly select the best laboratory informatics solutions for your laboratory, you will also be ready to successfully implement the chosen solution with all the necessary functionality within set time and budget.

Tailored Coaching Program


After we receive your application, we will schedule an intake session to tailor the coaching program to your own project starting point, your resource availability and your specific project needs. LIMS Academy will define a suitable coaching package and translate that into an offer. The coaching package will contain estimated amount of online coaching sessions and optional hands-on support from one of our LIMS experts.

Online coaching will be scheduled and performed through LIMS Academy's online coaching, training and community platform.

Knowledgable & Experienced Resources


LIMS Academy founder, Louis Uunk, has supported more than 60 laboratory informatics  selection & implementation projects towards a successful outcome. All the knowledge and experience about strengths and weaknesses of dozens of software vendors and  their software solutions is available during the coaching sessions. LIMS Academy provides central access to vendor-independent resources, either seasoned independent LIMS experts or community members that have already gone through the process of selecting and implementing a new LIMS solution. LIMS Academy's consultant/coach will actively guide and support you during the entire project with coaching sessions, tools & templates and hands-on support where necessary.

LIMS Academy Community

LIMS Academy paying coaching customers receive one year free access for one person to our LIMS Academy community. Current community subscription price is € 300 ex.BTW/VAT /person/year.

Community membership further enhances the LIMS Academy selection and coaching program by interaction with other members facing the same challenges. 

Members are encouraged to engage/communicate with other members share information, experiences with vendors, project challenges and functional solutions. Together we will create an environment for learning and sharing to save every member an enormous amount of time and money and increase the percentage of successful projects.

Jan van der Kooi

"Louis's guidance during the entire process has been excellent. His extended market knowledge proved to be very valuable. With Louis's help WLN succeeded in making an informed decision for its new LIMS solution".

Ronald Italiaander

"Louis has provided tremendous value during the selection of our LIMS/ELN. His experience and knowledge in the laboratory information management area have been very valuable during our process towards identifying our LIMS/ELN requirements . Louis also guided and supported us during the vendor selection process".

Remco Bitter

"Louis helped us in a very professional manner through all the important stages. He helped us define our needs and wishes, together we created a short list of suppliers based on our input, gathered all the relevant information from the suppliers. Due to his extensive knowledge, we could make a profound decision about this vital peace of software. We are still getting compliments from within the organisation on how good this selection has been done!'

Jan Peter Heutink

"Louis used a thorough project approach to identify BaseClear's process improvement potential. With LUFC's knowledge and experience, "To- be" processes were drafted which in turn were translated into a detailed URS.   We were able to select a new LIMS that meets our requirements, thanks to LUFC's  well defined and thorough selection approach. 
Louis's support, advice and project methology have been very valuable during all steps of our LIMS selection. Communication and cooperation with Louis were very pleasant and constructive. I highly recommend Louis's support and advice during a LIMS selection".

Join our implementation coaching program and make sure your new laboratory informatics solution is implemented successfully!


Within Scope, Time & Budget!