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LIMS Project Internal Challenges




In this third post I will review slide 5 of my LabAutomation 2024 presentation. Internal laboratory challenges that I have encountered many times will be named.

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Slide 5: Reality - Potential Route to Failure




The following top-10 internal project challenges/observations are very common especially in case the project is not supported by a skilled independent LIMS Project Expert:


1) The "Why" is often done on laboratory level, management is not (yet) involved. Business case is missing or very brief. This might stop a project in a late project stage…


2) Important prerequisites for project start are not (all) met. Resources, availability, knowledge and budget often lack.


3) Due to lack of skilled resources and general availability, the lead time increases and people tend to lose interest over time.


4) Determining "To-Be" workflows, future role LIMS and user requirements is often very difficult for internal laboratory specialists. The increased involvement of an independent LIMS Project expert can partly compensate that.


5) Due to all of the above, laboratory project members tend to want take many "shortcuts" => first call vendors, ask for demo's early on and get heavily distracted by vendor marketing.


6) Too many laboratory-managements tend to believe a LIMS selection can be easily done with internal resources or with help of "free" vendor-resources. All to often the bill for this mistake comes during the implementation, with very little opportunities to go back and correct mistakes.


7) Laboratory's LIMS market knowledge is often very limited.


8) Many laboratories have very limited idea on how to structure a vendor/solution selection procedure and which factors are crucial.


9) After finding their "best" LIMS solution, many laboratories forget to also make sure the following implementation is completed successfully through tight agreements on "who is doing what/when" the "what-if" and budget.


10) Project-handover from selection to implementation is often lacking or only partly done..there is a lot to done ..


These challenges can be prevented or managed by involving an independent & experienced LIMS project expert. Check their background to ensure independence.


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In the next post, I will discuss the external challenges you might encounter along the way and what might happen if you let them interfere with following the "Road to Success".