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LIMS Project External Challenges




In this fourth post I will review slide 6 of my LabAutomation 2024 presentation. External project challenges that many projects encounter, often without the laboratory project team even noticing it.

Part 3 can be found through the following link: https://www.lims-academy.com/blog/60-LIMS-PROJECTS-P3-INTERNAL-PROJECT-CHALLENGES


Slide 6: Reality - Potential Route to Failure - External Challenges




The following top-10 external project challenges/observations are very common especially in case the project is not supported by a skilled independent LIMS Project Consultant-Coach:


1) Due to the internal challenges, described in PART 3, many laboratories need external help, however, too often do not involve external resources, or look for it at the wrong place.


2) The first external parties laboratories tend to contact are often one or more vendors, asking them for demo's and/or project advice.


3) Vendors are understandably eager to step into the project early-on to be able to exercise their marketing and sales influence on project requirements.


4) Laboratories can be tempted to use vendors own "LIMS Selection Guide" to follow "Vendor's Road to Their Solution" and their "Free" expert-resources.


5) "Vendor's Road to Their Solution" often uses many shortcuts, skipping essential steps to not endanger their desired outcome.


6) Following "Vendor's Road to Their Solution" in general provides limited space for laboratories to gain knowledge and insights to be able to identify the ideal "To-Be" situation and best "LIMS" solution for the laboratory.


7) It can become difficult to keep control of the outcome of the selection project due to external marketing & sales influences.


8) Following vendor's road may seem quicker, cheaper and take less time from internal laboratory resources, however in practice the price is paid multiple times during the implementation.


9) Some vendors tend to have less interest in clearly defining implementation goals, "who is doing what", "what-if", budget and consequences. This can result in partly finished projects or even project failure.


10) There is a direct relation between the quality of the LIMS selection methodology & customer-engagement and the quality (& cost) of the implementation result.


These challenges can be prevented or managed by involving an independent & experienced LIMS Project Consultant-Coach. Check their background to ensure independence.

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In the next post, I will discuss more on how vendor's marketing/sales power influences the "Road to Success".