LIMS Project Academy Online One-on-One Coaching Program

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LIMS Project Academy  Project Coaching provides access to an independent LIMS expert,
coaching and supporting you on-demand, efficient and budget-friendly!


Close the knowledge and experience gap with vendors, avoid common pitfalls and stay in control of the project!




LIMS Project Academy is a new "online" initiative from Louis Uunk, founder and senior consultant of LUFC LabConsultants (LUFC). LUFC LabConsultants was founded by Louis Uunk in 2009 as a vendor independent service provider for the laboratory (informatics) market. LUFC's main focus over the years has been the (hands-on) support and coaching for laboratories during Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) selection and implementation projects. 
We successfully completed 
more than 60 "LIMS" (LIMS, ELN, SDMS, LES, QMS etc) projects in almost any market sector. 
LUFC LabConsultants uses a proven LIMS selection project methodology to effectively manage potential project risks resulting from common project challenges that customers are facing. In many cases however this involves a high level of "hands-on" support from the external consultant to manage customers project challenges, which in turn limits the customers journey to become self-reliant. 

LIMS Project Academy provides a better, more efficient and also more cost-effective way to ensure a successful "LIMS" selection and implementation project in which customers stay in control throughout the entire project and become more self-reliant. 
LIMS Project Academy developed a new approach to LIMS selection and implementation support using a dedicated online community and coaching/training platform for customers to learn how to take back project control and become less influenced by vendors. 
LIMS Project Academy's online community and coaching/training platform is available "everywhere and anytime" for the (laboratory) customer to "Engage, Learn & Share". 

This new approach allows LIMS Project Academy to provide the necessary vendor-independent community, coaching/training (& hands-on support) to more customers around the world and improve their project results through mutual knowledge-, experience- and information sharing. 


Why Project Support?




15 years of supporting our customers/laboratories (QC, QA, production, research, development etc.) through LUFC LabConsultants and 20+ years before in other laboratory/informatics roles gave me many insights in the factors that play a decisive role in the quality and success of a (laboratory) Information Management System selection and implementation project. We observed similar critical project-success factors, like customer behaviors, -needs, -shortcomings and -challenges with most of our customers (organizations) that potentially endanger the progress, efficiency and end result of the selection (& implementation) project. The image above shows some of the most common challenges customers face during a LIMS selection and implementation project.
In the LIMS Project Academy introduction blog and video, I already explained these challenges, so I will not repeat that in this blog.

The conclusion was that, for most customers, it makes a lot of sense to involve vendor-independent project support during the vendor/solution selection and implementation stages. 


The most suitable delivery method of independent support may differ depending on your project team's knowledge, experience and availability.

LIMS Project Academy (& LUFC LabConsultants) now offer the complete range of ways to deliver vendor-independent project support:

  1. Consultancy: Hybrid (on-site & remote) consultancy with coaching/training and "hands-on" project support & advice (through LUFC LabConsultants)
  2. Coaching: Online one-on-one project coaching through the entire selection and/or implementation project trough guidance & advice (through LIMS Project Academy)
  3. Community: Online community-support & guidance through mutual support by other community members & LIMS Academy experts (through LIMS Project Academy)

For more information on consultancy I refer you to the LUFC LabConsultants website and for more information on community I refer you to the Community Blog and Community Application.

In this Blog I will go deeper into the LIMS Project Academy Coaching programs.


LIMS Project Academy Coaching


LIMS Project Academy offers one-on-one coaching for individual "LIMS" selection and/or implementation projects. The coaching will be tailored towards your project team's individual needs.
During an intake session with a LIMS Project Academy consultant/coach, we will identify your specific needs and translate that into an offer for a dedicated coaching package.
Coaching will be done through online sessions (~ 1,5 hours/session)covering a specific topic or project stage. The coaching package offered will contain a certain number of online sessions covering the different topics your project team members need. The coaching sessions can be extended with hands-on activities at extra cost


LIMS Selection Coaching


The LIMS selection coaching program offers dedicated expert guidance for every part of the project. An independent LIMS selection consultant/coach will stand by your project team through regular online coaching and knowledge transfer sessions. The coaching will be done through our dedicated LIMS Project Academy coaching platform, also providing a LIMS community to "Engage - Learn - Share".

LIMS Project Academy provides guidance during several parts of the project:

  • Project preparation & management involvement
  • Project approach, do's and don'ts
  • Business analysis & business case
  • "As-Is" => "To-Be" transition
  • Workflow charting and workflow optimization
  • Determining the role of the new LIMS in your company's IT landscape
  • URS, RFI, RFP documentation
  • Vendor selection procedure
  • Vendor demonstration phase
  • Selection criteria and decision process
  • Transition towards the implementation project




Your LIMS selection coaching package provides:

  • A coaching program tailored to your project team's specific needs
  • Online LIMS selection coaching sessions throughout the entire selection project
  • A proven project approach (used in 60+ successful selection projects in several market sectors)
  • Selection project structure, what (not) to do and how to avoid pitfall, mistakes and bad choices
  • Our LIMS market knowledge & experience
  • Indirect access to our network of lab informatics selection & implementation experts
  • Access to the LIMS Project Academy selection community (first year for one person)
  • Documentation templates (URS, RFP, score charts, demo case, project plan etc)



LIMS Implementation Coaching


 The target customers and the way LIMS Academy delivers LIMS Implementation coaching is similar to the LIMS Selection coaching program. The project coaching topics and the role of the LIMS Project Academy consultant/coach are however very different.

LIMS Project Academy's consultant/coach does not take-over the role of the vendor-consultant or project manager. The consultant/coach will operate more from a steering-role between customer and vendor.

The consultant/coach may be involved in one or more of the following:

  • Efficient and effective coaching program
  • Review of project plan 
  • Safeguard essential project steps
  • Support/coach project manager with LIMS project knowledge & experience
  • Support project team with market- and solution knowledge & Experience 
  • Support/coach project steering group
  • Monitor optimal end-result based on your requirements
  • Make sure you as a customer stay in control
  • Assist in vendor management in case of project hick-ups or serious disagreements








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